Use Cases

Finnish Patent Consulting FPC (Patenttikonsultointi Kangasmäki Oy)

"Information exchange with an inventor is always confidential, conversational and reciprocal. Since the beginning of the development of Edico, I have made use of its information exchange service over an internet connection, presently Edico and earlier its predecessor.

Presenting an invention using documents written by an inventor requires an easy but reliable and confidential system. Because the inventor does not have to sing up for any particular information transfer services to protect confidential material, I recommend the Finnish Edico. It has become a convenient and reliable channel for information exchange for myself and for my clients for the duration of the whole patent application process."

Reijo Kangasmäki

Hammashoitoasema Dentti (dental care)

"We have used the Edico service for delivering files requiring a high degree of data protection to our partners since the beginning of 2018. They gain access to an easy way for repeated information exchange by signing up for the service using their regular accounts.

For our clients, the use of Edico has been convenient and we have found it to make our work easier, too. Communicating over the chat works even when we are not on Edico at the same time. Transferring, storing and removing files has been intuitive and easy to learn. Data security has been taken care of according to modern requirements."

Juha Hoskari

Laki- ja yrityspalvelu Ratinen Oy (corporate law)

"We have used Edico for a couple of years now and we have been very satisfied with the service. What's particularly good about the service is the ease of use for a recipient because the recipients does not have to create an account for themselves. Additionally, I'm very pleased with how suggestions for development given by myself have been received and implemented. Thanks to the suggestions, file management has been made easier with commentary and signal colors that can be used for providing additional information for the recipients of documents bi-directionally."

Henri Ratinen