The Finnish Edicto Ltd


The mission of Edicto Ltd is to create an easy way to distribute confidential information and to present it securely for its customers.


The founder of Innovo, Antero Hälikkä, has trained and consulted  work communities since 1992. An essential part of his work was distributing documents to his clients over the internet. As an enterpreneur, he has been a founder of a development company named Curiositas Ltd in 1998 and has patented the Deminus® cloud service in the early 2000s. Despite undergoing a name change, the business sector of the company has remained the same.

Antero Hälikkä on the beginning of his career and a customer need he identified:

"Around the time internet use proliferated in the late 1990s I started distributing html documents during phone conversations to my clients. That was the beginning of the age of communicating over the internet. I will tell you about a case. I once made an argument on the phone as to why I have adapted and simplified a well-known team role test and gave the address, from which the client had the opportunity to save the text onto his own computer. Naturally, it took a while and patience from both parties before the text could be shown on the client's screen. This wasn't even one of the more difficult addresses. Later I have held presentations over the internet controlling the presentation using the first mobile phones with a browser and an internet connection. To solve the problem, we developed the Deminus method at the then-Curiositas Ltd. Now we can deliver both html documents and documents from our computer conveniently, quickly and securely to our clients."

The predecessor of Edicto, Curiositas Ltd started to develop a new service called Edico using the newest software tools in 2016. The method utilizes the Deminus patent and we have a new patent pending on the topic of "A method and system for sharing and presenting of confidential information on the internet". We have founded Edicto Ltd for the marketing and distribution of the service and bought the Edicto cloud service from Curiositas Ltd. Edico is a patented method.

Our team has long experience in the field and newest technological development

Antero Hälikkä, innovator, CEO,
Kari Jantunen, finance, chairman of the board
Jouko Haanpää, software development
Jari Welling, IT
Markku Jantunen, marketing, deputy board member