Edico CS to collect confidential information and Edico S to disclose it

Edico S and CS create value to a wide range of industries. Practically every time you deal with confidential documents, collect information, or share files, Edico's remote connection proves its worth! Edico is used for example, remote teaching, law and patent offices, in areas that require secure and confidential communications. Edico CS is ideal for sales gathering and Edico S for presentations.

Use Cases

Edico CS to collect confidential information and Edico S to disclose it

Confidential documents, such as files, may be collected on the public network by the founder of the C file folder using encrypted connections from a restricted or open user group. Group members are invited by email, so invitations are only valid for a set time. At no time during the disclosure period will the originators of the information see each other's information, including who has been accessed. When you try it, the program requires temporary registration.

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Prices of the service - Edico CS 24€ /mo and CG 72€ /mo (VAT 0%)

What after data collection?

The data collector may distribute or display the information thus obtained, either as such or in the form of processing, to the same called restricted group, individually or for everyone. You can also use video conferencing in a session, and eSigning. A visitor invited to an Edico session does not need to register or download any software. It also works well with slow internet connections and smart phones, meaning it is also great for use abroad and when traveling.

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It is possible for the creator of the collection folder to copy the folder to a folder that applies to the Edico S service, which allows the collected material to be displayed and shared publicly by selected invited participants. You may test session folder free for 48 hours.